Who We Are

ZRG, LLC is an asset management company specializing in the acquisition, sale, and donation of surplus medical and laboratory equipment. ZRG provides full hospital and laboratory liquidations, certified appraisals and inventory assessments. We are a leader in strict R2 standards for redeployment of reusable and used equipment.

"We strive to achieve the best outcomes for our customers and to make
a difference to people and the planet every day through our performance"

ZRG, LLC enables organizations to make informed, cost-effective decisions for the liquidation of excess equipment in an environmentally friendly way...More



ZRG provides hospital and laboratory liquidations of surplus medical equipment, certified appraisals and inventory assessments... More

ZRG's recycling efforts keep 100% of your EOL medical equipment out of landfills... More

As an R2 Certified company, ZRG promotes environmentally responsible practices in the medical and electronics recycling industry... More



ZRG offers a wide range of new and used medical equipment in stock and ready for purchase... More