Who We Are

ZRG, LLC enables organizations to make informed, cost-effective decisions for the liquidation of excess equipment in an environmentally friendly way.

A Comprehensive Solution

Our Objective is responsible reallocation of equipment. We understand the EOL equipment cycle and provide specialty solution services that enable comprehensive, safe and effective disposition of pre-owned surplus medical equipment. We guide hospitals, laboratories and others to learn what surplus equipment has retained value. ZRG inventories equipment and provides assessments of surplus. We coordinate and facilitate the de-installation and removal of equipment; no matter the type or the manufacturer. Our comprehensive project management process ensures the job is done to the customer’s satisfaction.

A Green Solution

As a responsible R2 Certified business partner, ZRG distributes as much surplus equipment as possible. We sell, donate and recycle equipment. All non-salable items are donated, or recycled in an environmentally responsible way following strict R2 Procedure. ZRG donates medical equipment to charitable organizations around the world. Our recycling efforts keep 100% of our customers’ end-of-life medical equipment out of landfills.